Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Getting Organized!

If you have been following my blog so far you will notice I have a brand new spankin layout!!! It's part of my goal to get my blog organized!

Real quick I want to mention and thank "Shabby Blogs" where I got my awesome header, labels and very cute widgets from and "Hot Bliggity Blog" where I got my very nice layout from.

In starting my goal to get my blog looking more organized and running more smoothly on a daily basis I of course had to start with giving it a very needed face lift! So face lift has officially been marked as done...now on to the fun stuff!

Over the next few weeks I will be implementing a schedule of daily dedicated topics...and once I get through the first week hopefully I will be able to stick with the schedule for the long run.  I will officially be starting the new schedule this Sunday.

If everything goes as smoothly as I hope...this is how my new blog week will follow...

♥ Sunday: "Fun & FREE Crafty Finds Sundays" Who doesn't love FREE stuff and specially when it comes to free crafty finds like patterns and other fun stuff related to crafts! I search the internet all the time trying to find free crafty stuff like patterns and more...and if I find anything through the week I will post it to share with everyone on Sundays!

♥ Monday: "Web Graphics Freeby Mondays" I like making Etsy shop graphics and have lots that I have made and nothing to do with them...so I will post my freebie designs...if any...on this day.

♥ Tuesday: "Featured Seller Tuesdays" I will soon be reserving this day for featuring some of my favorite talented Etsy sellers and their shops!

♥ Wednesday: "Shameless Brag Day Wednesdays" I will reserve this day for...yes, you guessed it...to shamelessly brag about my shop, any new updates and new items!!

♥ Thursday: "Anything Goes Thursdays"...I mean anything...well within PG limits...lol. I will post about anything that comes across my mind this day...until I find a better reserved topic for this day.

♥ Friday: "TGIF Giveaway" Everyone loves Fridays!...and what a great Friday "TGIF Giveaway" will be with awesome giveaways from my handcrafted collections!!

♥ Saturday: "Family Dedicated Saturday" Saturday is the day we spend time together...me, hubby and the boys. I usually don't get on the computer at all on this day, but if I do it is at night. If I do get on this day...I will take that time and dedicate a post about my family inspired day!

Along with the weekly topics I will also post secret sales, promotions and coupons at random through the week for my shop! So keep an eye out or you just might miss them...and shhhh...they are super secret! The secret sales will also be posted on my Twitter! :)~

Looking forward to this Sunday!!

Sunday, September 27, 2009

FREE Etsy Shop Banner and Avatar Package!

 So I'm not a professional graphic designer and have never taken any classes, but I love to play around with my graphics software when I'm bored...lol. I like to make Etsy shop banners...but now that I'm completely satisfied with my new banner and won't be changing it anytime soon...I decided I'm going to give away some of my Etsy shop packages I have made in the past for FREE instead of putting them in the recycling bin!! This is also my way of helping out fellow Etsiers anyway I can. :)

For today I'm offering 1 Etsy shop package for free named "Little Birdie"...interested candidates will receive a Pre-Made 9 Piece Etsy Shop Package set! Pre-Made meaning it cannot be customized but with the exception of an optional tag line beneath your shop name. Also note that this is not a OOAK (One Of A Kind) set...meaning it will be given away to other inquiring Etsiers.

Etsy Shop Package Set includes:

3 Banners 760x100 pixels @ 300DPI:
♥Shop Banner
♥Vacation Banner
♥Sale Banner

3 Avatars 75x75 pixels @ 300DPI:
♥Shop Avatar
♥Away Avatar (vacation)
♥Sale Avatar

3 Images 430x430 pixels @ 300DPI:
♥Reserved Listing Image
♥Custom Listing Image
♥Thank You Image

If you are an Etsy shop owner and need or want my shop banner package for FREE, please send me a convo with your; 1) Shop Name, 2) Optional Tag Line, 3) Please mention the Etsy shop package #number you would like 4) Email Address you would like files sent to, by clicking on the picture below...

(Package #1) 
Graphics are not actually blurry as shown and look much better in actual size...

*PLEASE NOTE: Although I'm giving away my banner packages for free they are still my original design. (I would like to mention I got the awesome free PhotoShop brushes from here: http://www.therustyleaf.com/ to make the banner package.) My banner packages are for personal use only to Etsy shop owners and cannot be used for re-selling in any manner...thank you!

Saturday, September 26, 2009

More Halloween Fun!!

As mentioned in my earlier post I wanted to make some Halloween items for my Etsy shop to make it festive! I'm pretty much done with all my Halloween items now, but I wanted to mention my most favorite item I have made for this time of year! My "Skully Dance" beaded bookmark:

My "Skully Dance" bookmark was made to match my "Skully Dance" zipper pull mentioned in an earlier post. I just love the colors and beads I used on this bookmark! It is filled with wacky Halloween colors from hand wire wrapped Czech glass beads and faceted crystal charms and Tibet style silver skully fun! I almost kept this one for myself! :D~

If you like my bookmark you can purchase it by simply clicking on the pictures above which will send you to the buying link!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Getting ready for Halloween!

Besides Christmas, Autumn/Fall and Halloween is my favorite time of the year! Days are getting shorter, nights getting longer and it's not so hot and not so cold outside...the perfect time of year! Not only that but it's the time of year to let loose and show your fun and funky side with wacky colors and freaky costumes!

So feeling in the festive mood and wanting to bring some Halloween fun to my shop I started by laying out all my Halloween and fall supplies in order to get motivated! I love using Czech glass and Swarovski crystals in festive colors with a few silver Tibet style skull beads. And I can never have enough stamps, inks or cute paper layed out to get my creative juices flowing!

So for some beaded items I made a cute charm, beaded bookmark, stitch markers, bracelet and some earrings. ( I didn't get a chance to take pics of the bookmark yet) .

SKULLY DANCE Zipper Pull Charm:


SKULLY Stitch Markers:

SKULLY CHARMER Hand wrapped Bracelet:

For the cute Halloween patterned paper I made some very cute glass magnet sets and some small note card sets!

SUSPICIOUS EYES Halloween Glass Bubble Magnets:

FOUR EYED PURPLE SPIDER Halloween Glass Bubble Magnet:

SKULLS & CROSS BONES Small Note Card Set:


And a few more items made with some of my cute Halloween stamps and festive cardstock!


BEST WITCHES Halloween Greeting Card:


I had lots of fun making these cute items and now I think I'm officially ready for Halloween! And if you like any of my items and would like to purchase them, you can simply click on the pictures which will send you to the buying links! And during the month of September I'm offering FREE World Wide shipping on everything in my shop!

Monday, September 21, 2009

StumbleUpon Rocks!!

I heard about a great website in an Etsy forum thread called StumbleUpon. It's a bookmarking site that allows you to discover sites that you wouldn't otherwise by adding SU's toolbar to your web browser. All you need to do after adding the toolbar is click the stumble button and you're on your way to finding some great content. And you can rate and review the sites by giving them a thumbs up or down and share the links with friends!! You can even easily edit your web surfing preferences after signing up to what kind of content you would like to StumbleUpon.

There are also other uses for SU that I have come to find out...while SU is not for personal promotion you can add your website to your profile and just by reviewing others and becoming a part of the SU community it may help bring traffic to your site in the end.

So if you love to web surf, like finding new things; blogs, shops etc... or if you would like something to just do when you're bored...lol...StumbleUpon is the best website for all of that!!

Take caution though...it can be addicting...lol.

Friday, September 18, 2009

SHHhhhhh....Secret Sale Friday!!

I will soon be posting "Secret Sales" throughout the months on my blog for all my followers to take advantage of!

Tonight's "Secret Sale"......Take 10% OFF your entire order, plus your order will ship FREE until the end of September!

Make sure to mention "Blog Secret Sale" in note to seller box @ checkout to receive your discount. Follow through with checkout but don't pay until you receive your revised invoice.

Click the picture link below and have fun shopping!!! :D~

I Now Have A Facebook Fan page!! :D

Took me forever to figure out how to make a fan page on Facebook...but I finally did it and you can now officially become my fan!!

So if you like my handmade creations and would like to stay up to date on everything my shop has to offer...or be informed when I have "Secret Sales" for all my fans and followers...become a fan by clicking on this link below and fanning my page!!...

Monday, September 14, 2009

~♥ Grand Opening Sale! ♥~

Since opening my new shop and starting my new blog, I totally forgot to mention my sale! I decided to start my shop off right with an awesome sale to get things flowing!

So for my ~♥ Grand Opening! ♥~, I'm offering FREE World Wide shipping (Yes!! I said World Wide!!) on anything in my shop! 

I have a variety of quality handmade items for everyone to enjoy at very affordable prices to suit anyone's budget! Think gifts, or early Christmas shopping...you can't pass up FREE World Wide shipping!

So please accept this invitation to check it out and have fun shopping while your at it! Help support your love for shopping and my addiction for all things ART!! :D~

Sale lasts through the end of September!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

I Love PIF's!

For those of you who don't know what PIF's are: PIF is a term Etsiers use when they list an item in there shop for free for anyone willing to "Pay It Forward" by either listing an item in their shop for free in return or doing any other random act of kindness for someone else. And in most cases with the only other obligation being the person receiving the gift pays for the $.20 Etsy listing fee and or shipping.

I love having the chance to give away my creations for FREE to someone else to enjoy every once in awhile. While I know I can't do it all the time, It gives me a great feeling knowing I was able to do something nice for someone else who otherwise couldn't afford it or just wanted a piece of my work at a tremendous discount! In my old shops I use to set up a couple of PIF listings several times a month. I haven't set up a PIF listing in my new shop just yet, but I definitely will soon.

In the meantime I just wanted to take this opportunity to mention a great seller I just recently had the privilege of receiving a great PIF gift from. While I usually don't take advantage of other sellers PIF's I just couldn't pass up this great item from SharonFosterArt :

She's a very kind and talented Etsy seller, so when you get a chance please check out her shop of wonderful and very cute original artwork paintings, ACEO's and cards!

Friday, September 11, 2009

I was featured in an ETSY treasury!!!!

I am featured in a treasury! I'm so excited, I hardly ever get featured...lol. But I got an awesome convo from Sunweeds on Etsy last night to let me know she featured me in her beautiful sparkly blue treasury! She picked alot of great items from fellow Etsiers all in the shades of blue that sparkle and added in with them is my sparkly baby blue confetti!

For those of you that don't know what an Etsy Treasury is...it is a Member curated gallery of personally selected items made up of either the curators personal favorites or based on a theme. Then Etsy admin pick the best treasuries to get featured on the home page of Etsy throughout the day.

So please take a look at her beautiful treasury and give some talented Etsy sellers some love while your at it! ;D~

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Struggling with a professional cohesive look...

So since consolidating all my creations into one shop, I've been really struggling with a cohesive look that matches my personality and products I sell. It was much easier to create my banners, logos and business cards when I had all my creations separated and organized into different shops. Well easier for bringing the look together and making my shops look professional but giving me a huge migraine in the end with having to log into 3 different accounts periodically through the day to answer customers convos, listing and what not.

So anyways I love LOVE having only 1 shop to maintain now, but my shop banner and logo is still bothering me. It probably doesn't matter to anyone else...but it is really bugging me...lol.

I have probably spent most of my time for the last few days working on a logo than I have crafting. I know there are alot of great web designers on Etsy that I could turn to for help...and in the long run I probably will. But I'm the kind of person that likes to do things myself and always have been...I guess that's not a bad thing...but I will soon be pulling my hair out...lol.

See...for my beaded bookmark shop I had, I loved the banner I created. It matched perfectly with what I was selling; Beaded bookmarks, zipper pulls and charms. Here is the banner I had created for that shop:

I also thought I did a great job bringing the look together for my jewelry shop as well, since I used alot of dark backgrounds for my jewelry, the dark banner matched perfectly:

And for my card shop I used alot of bright colors so I thought this banner suited it perfectly:

And now for my new shop I wasn't sure what I could create that would make it all come together, the reason being I love to use the dark leathery background for my beaded items and I love to use bright colors for my paper goods. So at first I decided just to go with black, because everything matches with black right?...lol. And this is what I came up with:

Decided I didn't like the black and wanted to brighten it up a bit, so I cam up with this:

Then decided...well I really love the turquoise and the cute little flowers, but it didn't really match my shops back drops. So then a light bulb went off!!! I got it! White....yes white matches with everything! But I can't just do white and have text, that would drive me crazy. So I added a cute flower and added a touch of purple...my favorite color. And not to mention I use flowers in almost everything I make! I decided to leave the pictures out and just leave it simple and this is what I think I finally will stay with...maybe...lol:

I should probably go into the banner making biz....hmm....just kidding! :D~

Anyways I'm really liking the new banner, still trying to work out the avatar, but the look is growing on me. So I think I will keep it up for awhile and get some feedback on it, before I order my brandy new business cards! Probably a good idea...lol ;D~

Giving this another go...

OK I know it's kinda late in the year...well really late for a New Year's resolutions, but this year I really really wanted to start a blog and never seemed to have the time until now. I belong to an awesome crafting and selling community which is Etsy and I venture into the forums every once in awhile and noticed that a lot of fellow crafters have blogs and seem to have a lot of fun with them. Well I feel left out and wanted to give this a try too and see if I really like it myself...lol. So I'm going to try and give Blogging another go.

I had a blog before and I hardly ever had time to give it the attention I really wanted. With 3 kids, all being boys might I add....lol, trying to run a business and managing to keep my house clean, I found it very hard to keep a blog or even keep in contact with my friends for that matter. But the boys are older and now that school started again with my middle one going a full day in the first grade this year and my oldest in the 2nd grade, I seemed to have a lot more time to myself. Well I still have my youngest which is 2 at home, but with his brothers gone all day, everything is much more calm and no rough housing and fights to break up. Plus my hubby works nights now, so he is home during the day to help me out!!  ;D~

And just recently I decided to make my life even a little more easier by consolidating all my creations into one Etsy shop! Beleive or not, I had 3 Etsy shops, yes 3! I know I was crazy...am crazy...lol. Well I had a good reason or so I thought. I've been in business on Etsy since June of 2007 and started just listing my handmade jewelry. Then I started making these cute beaded bookmarks and everyone just fell in love with them, so I decided to start selling those too. But, me having to be so organized and everything having to have a cohesive look I decided to open another shop to sell my beaded bookmarks. To make a long story short I ended up opening 3 shops in the end to sell different creations in each shop. Well it got to be too much work and so I decided to make things easier on me, and open up an entirely different shop with a new name to represent what I do and make and have all my creations in one place. I think it will be good in the long run, but I'm really going to miss all my wonderful comments and positive feedback left by my longtime customers.

I'm not sure what all I'm going to blog about, but I want to post at least once a day and I probably am going to just go with the flow and see where this takes me.

In the meantime if you happen to find and read my first post...please feel free to check out my SHOP: BrossARTaddiction on Etsy and support my handmade addiction...lol. ;D~  I create all kinds of things including; Jewelry, beaded bookmarks, zipper pulls, charms, cards, tags, magnets and more...  And please know the shop may be new but I'm certainly not new to selling. If you would like to see my feedback you can check out my Profile to the right of my shop page and I have listed all my former shops.