About Me

My name is Tracey Brossart, I'm married to a wonderful guy that spoils me rotten, and we have 3 boys...yes ALL boys 11, 14 and 16 and they are my world!

I'm a stay at home mom and was looking for a way to turn my favorite hobby and addiction into a job I could do at home, in my pajamas, while chasing the kids around all at the same time! Although I haven't always been stay at home mom...I have actually worked for a living...lol. I do miss it sometimes, and then remember I'm happy to be able to get this time with my boys and to be able to create all day, any day to my heart’s content!

I'm a very DIY kind of person and always have been. I love doing all kinds of arts and crafts and am always interested in trying new things! I never stick to a certain style which I think makes my work eclectic! I'm not happy unless I'm surrounded in beads, covered in glitter and my fingertips covered in ink stains!

I haven't always been comfortable with blogging my creations or blogging in general, but since finding challenges I could participate in and from there finding some awesome blogging buddies along the way, I've become truly addicted! I love blogging now, especially since I've had the chance to be part of some great Design Teams in the past!

And not only am I part of the blogging world, but I've been in business on Etsy since June 2007 and since finding Etsy, I've been hooked! I love to have the chance to share my creations with the world and to have an excuse to be buried in beads and glitter forever! I hope you will enjoy my creations too!

I appreciate all my wonderful followers and all the lovely comments you leave! I hope to keep you all inspired for years to come!

xx Big BIG Hugs! xx