Sunday, September 27, 2009

FREE Etsy Shop Banner and Avatar Package!

 So I'm not a professional graphic designer and have never taken any classes, but I love to play around with my graphics software when I'm I like to make Etsy shop banners...but now that I'm completely satisfied with my new banner and won't be changing it anytime soon...I decided I'm going to give away some of my Etsy shop packages I have made in the past for FREE instead of putting them in the recycling bin!! This is also my way of helping out fellow Etsiers anyway I can. :)

For today I'm offering 1 Etsy shop package for free named "Little Birdie"...interested candidates will receive a Pre-Made 9 Piece Etsy Shop Package set! Pre-Made meaning it cannot be customized but with the exception of an optional tag line beneath your shop name. Also note that this is not a OOAK (One Of A Kind) set...meaning it will be given away to other inquiring Etsiers.

Etsy Shop Package Set includes:

3 Banners 760x100 pixels @ 300DPI:
♥Shop Banner
♥Vacation Banner
♥Sale Banner

3 Avatars 75x75 pixels @ 300DPI:
♥Shop Avatar
♥Away Avatar (vacation)
♥Sale Avatar

3 Images 430x430 pixels @ 300DPI:
♥Reserved Listing Image
♥Custom Listing Image
♥Thank You Image

If you are an Etsy shop owner and need or want my shop banner package for FREE, please send me a convo with your; 1) Shop Name, 2) Optional Tag Line, 3) Please mention the Etsy shop package #number you would like 4) Email Address you would like files sent to, by clicking on the picture below...

(Package #1) 
Graphics are not actually blurry as shown and look much better in actual size...

*PLEASE NOTE: Although I'm giving away my banner packages for free they are still my original design. (I would like to mention I got the awesome free PhotoShop brushes from here: to make the banner package.) My banner packages are for personal use only to Etsy shop owners and cannot be used for re-selling in any manner...thank you!


  1. This is wonderful. So cute. I hope someone takes you up on your offer. I think it's darling, but not really fitting for my shop.

  2. I'm trying to start an etsy shop and was searching for banners and avatars and saw this one that you made. It's adorable!! I know this is an old post, but I was wondering if this offer was still available. My etsy shop name is Lil' Chickadees. I love package #1 and my email is Thanks!!

  3. Hi! I emailed you through Etsy but thought I would leave a comment about my interest in package #1 if it is still available, my shop name is The Stitching Chick and my email is thanks!!

  4. Hi! I emailed you through Etsy too, but wasn't sure where the best place to contact you was. I was interested in package #1 as well. Let me know! Email me on Etsy -- I am Reannah from Pretty In Paper Shop. Thank you!! I hope this layout is still available! It's so cute! Thank you!

  5. Is this still available? If so My etsy name is mommamisti's knits. My email addy is I love your work!


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