Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Getting Organized!

If you have been following my blog so far you will notice I have a brand new spankin layout!!! It's part of my goal to get my blog organized!

Real quick I want to mention and thank "Shabby Blogs" where I got my awesome header, labels and very cute widgets from and "Hot Bliggity Blog" where I got my very nice layout from.

In starting my goal to get my blog looking more organized and running more smoothly on a daily basis I of course had to start with giving it a very needed face lift! So face lift has officially been marked as done...now on to the fun stuff!

Over the next few weeks I will be implementing a schedule of daily dedicated topics...and once I get through the first week hopefully I will be able to stick with the schedule for the long run.  I will officially be starting the new schedule this Sunday.

If everything goes as smoothly as I hope...this is how my new blog week will follow...

♥ Sunday: "Fun & FREE Crafty Finds Sundays" Who doesn't love FREE stuff and specially when it comes to free crafty finds like patterns and other fun stuff related to crafts! I search the internet all the time trying to find free crafty stuff like patterns and more...and if I find anything through the week I will post it to share with everyone on Sundays!

♥ Monday: "Web Graphics Freeby Mondays" I like making Etsy shop graphics and have lots that I have made and nothing to do with them...so I will post my freebie designs...if any...on this day.

♥ Tuesday: "Featured Seller Tuesdays" I will soon be reserving this day for featuring some of my favorite talented Etsy sellers and their shops!

♥ Wednesday: "Shameless Brag Day Wednesdays" I will reserve this day for...yes, you guessed it...to shamelessly brag about my shop, any new updates and new items!!

♥ Thursday: "Anything Goes Thursdays"...I mean anything...well within PG limits...lol. I will post about anything that comes across my mind this day...until I find a better reserved topic for this day.

♥ Friday: "TGIF Giveaway" Everyone loves Fridays!...and what a great Friday "TGIF Giveaway" will be with awesome giveaways from my handcrafted collections!!

♥ Saturday: "Family Dedicated Saturday" Saturday is the day we spend time together...me, hubby and the boys. I usually don't get on the computer at all on this day, but if I do it is at night. If I do get on this day...I will take that time and dedicate a post about my family inspired day!

Along with the weekly topics I will also post secret sales, promotions and coupons at random through the week for my shop! So keep an eye out or you just might miss them...and shhhh...they are super secret! The secret sales will also be posted on my Twitter! :)~

Looking forward to this Sunday!!

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