Thursday, September 10, 2009

Struggling with a professional cohesive look...

So since consolidating all my creations into one shop, I've been really struggling with a cohesive look that matches my personality and products I sell. It was much easier to create my banners, logos and business cards when I had all my creations separated and organized into different shops. Well easier for bringing the look together and making my shops look professional but giving me a huge migraine in the end with having to log into 3 different accounts periodically through the day to answer customers convos, listing and what not.

So anyways I love LOVE having only 1 shop to maintain now, but my shop banner and logo is still bothering me. It probably doesn't matter to anyone else...but it is really bugging

I have probably spent most of my time for the last few days working on a logo than I have crafting. I know there are alot of great web designers on Etsy that I could turn to for help...and in the long run I probably will. But I'm the kind of person that likes to do things myself and always have been...I guess that's not a bad thing...but I will soon be pulling my hair

See...for my beaded bookmark shop I had, I loved the banner I created. It matched perfectly with what I was selling; Beaded bookmarks, zipper pulls and charms. Here is the banner I had created for that shop:

I also thought I did a great job bringing the look together for my jewelry shop as well, since I used alot of dark backgrounds for my jewelry, the dark banner matched perfectly:

And for my card shop I used alot of bright colors so I thought this banner suited it perfectly:

And now for my new shop I wasn't sure what I could create that would make it all come together, the reason being I love to use the dark leathery background for my beaded items and I love to use bright colors for my paper goods. So at first I decided just to go with black, because everything matches with black right? And this is what I came up with:

Decided I didn't like the black and wanted to brighten it up a bit, so I cam up with this:

Then decided...well I really love the turquoise and the cute little flowers, but it didn't really match my shops back drops. So then a light bulb went off!!! I got it! White....yes white matches with everything! But I can't just do white and have text, that would drive me crazy. So I added a cute flower and added a touch of favorite color. And not to mention I use flowers in almost everything I make! I decided to leave the pictures out and just leave it simple and this is what I think I finally will stay

I should probably go into the banner making biz....hmm....just kidding! :D~

Anyways I'm really liking the new banner, still trying to work out the avatar, but the look is growing on me. So I think I will keep it up for awhile and get some feedback on it, before I order my brandy new business cards! Probably a good ;D~

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