Friday, October 2, 2009

Great Promotional Opportunity!!

I was in the Etsy forums today and seen a thread started from ShinySideOut about needing volunteers. ShinySideOut wanted some volunteers to allow him to use their shop banner in sample images on his listings. I offered my banner totally thinking he probably wouldn't even choose mine...but he did!!  
ShinySideOut sells handmade promotional items with your Etsy shop banner along with any info you would like on the items. So far he only has resin key chains listed but it looks like he will be offering jewelry, golf accessories, knives and more...I can't wait to see what else he will be selling! I'm thinking about buying some of his key chains to hand out to my mom and aunt...maybe it will help them remember my shop name when they start their bragging to total!!

Anyways here is the listing he set up using my banner and a couple other Etsiers banners as samples...

ShinySideOut currently has listings set up to buy an individual key chain at $6.50 a piece or 12 key chains at $2.25 a piece and shipping is pretty reasonable too!

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