Sunday, December 13, 2009

Christmas Giveaway Winner!!!

Wow! So I'm announcing the winner...yes, a day late! But I have been so busy with this being the holidays and all. Another successful blog giveaway with 24 entries! This has been so much fun reading all your wonderful comments and being able to share my work with everyone! So I really want to send a big thank you to everyone who participated this time around!

And now to announce the WINNER!! The cute snowmen magnets goes to....Bella!!

So congrats to Bella and I really hope you enjoy the cute magnets!

I want to mention I used a really neat drawing randomizer program for this giveaway to choose a winner and make things fair and it works great! For anyone else who would like to see the program I used you can get it for free here.

Thanks again and I hope everyone has a great Christmas!!

1 comment:

  1. Aren't those cute?!!!
    I wish I had found this give away - I aboslutely LOVE magnets and snowmen!!
    Congratulations to the winner :)


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