Saturday, January 16, 2010

Hearts For Haiti!

By now I'm sure you have heard about the very devastating earthquake in Haiti that happened on Tuesday, January 12, 2010. This was an unimaginable disaster that has touched everyone deeply and my heart goes out to everyone who has been killed, who have loved ones there, who are now without homes, without medical care and who are still trapped. And I'm sure you have wondered what you could do to help out anyway you can because I know I have?

At a time like this I'm so impressed and amazed once again with the Etsy community to collectively gather around so quickly and organize a solution to help Haiti by donating to a very needed disaster help organization. Just the other day this thread was started on Etsy: "Fund raising Shop For Haiti"   and at the time it was just an idea. As soon as the community started participating in the thread, they already had many volunteers, the idea for the shop name, setup, banners, graphics, legalities, an organization to donate to, etc...! What they came up with is the Hearts For Haiti Etsy shop that was already opened today and quickly donated items started rolling in from 100's of Etsy sellers!

This is from the shop announcement:

"This is an Etsy collective of donated items from hundreds of Etsy shops to raise money to rebuild Haiti. 100% of the proceeds from this shop (minus Etsy fees and Paypal fees) go directly to DoctorsWithoutBorders (link) in bi-monthly increments. This shop has permission to use the DoctorsWithoutBorders name and a separate bank account and Paypal account have been opened to maintain the integrity of this shop.

Items have been donated from many individual shops; each shop has included their particulars ( country, shipping time) in each listing. All items include seller-donated free shipping (most worldwide, see individual listing) because the need is SO great, we want you to buy and help support Etsians helping Haiti. The theme for the next few weeks is on heart items but we have more than just that. Please browse our sections to the right and know that your purchase in this shop not only gets you a great Etsy item but it also helps alleviate the needs in Haiti through donations to DoctorsWithoutBorders (MedicinesSansFrontiers (check myspelling here))."

So if you would like to help the people of Haiti...please check out this wonderful shop. You can help by either buying something from one of the many and very talented crafters of Etsy that have donated their items...or if you don't have money to donate but would still like to help and you have an Etsy shop you can donate your handmade item(s).

Here is the link with all the info you need to know how to go about donating your items, just click on the image below...

I want to send a big thank you and my love to all the Etsy sellers who made this shop possible! Please spread the word!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

My Very First Handmade Shaker Cards!!

I'm so excited to share my very first shaker cards I made this Christmas for my family and friends and they turned out great!! I thought they were going to be difficult to make, but after watching this online tutorial on YouTube I found it simple and very fun...addicting!! And there are many different ways you can make them and lots of different tutorials you can use for referance on YouTube to make your own.

Here are a couple of the shaker cards I made for my Mom and Grandma...

I had so much fun making these that I think I will be adding them to my Etsy shop soon!! So keep an eye out! :D

On a side note...not related to the shaker cards. Here are a couple other cute little Christmas cards I made for family members this year, one of them using the same image...

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