Thursday, May 20, 2010

My Lindstrom jewelry tool was replaced for FREE!!

I'm so happy I can make jewelry again!! Not too long ago my tool I used the most to wire wrap beads for my jewelry and other items snapped right in half!! It was my Lindstrom long curved nose pliers that I use as my little helper to do my neat little wire wraps on my beads.

The Lindstrom tools are ergonomic which makes them very comfortable to use and work great for hours and hours of jewelry making without my hand cramping up. Without them I was only able to make a couple things and then had to quit for the day.

I have back ups that I use to use before I bought my Lindstrom set, but I have developed really bad arthritis in my hands that makes it hard to use the old cheapies. So I had lost all my motivation to make my jewelry.

I was so sad for a long time because it took me so long in the first place to save up for them to buy the tools one by one. I knew it was going to be awhile before I could buy another tool.

Well my hubby got tired of me being mopey about my broken tool so decided to write Fire Mountain Gems (which is where I bought them from) to let them know what happened and made sure to mention that a tool so expensive should not have broken so easily! And guess what?!! They wrote him back the next day to ask for my account name and address and which tool it was that broke so that it can be replaced!! I didn't know they have a lifetime warranty!! They told it would be no problem, didn't ask any other questions and I received my brand new tool within 3 days!!!

I was so excited when I got them that I got my motivation back instantly and now have lots of new jewelry items to add to my shop soon!!

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