Wednesday, June 2, 2010

My Shop is Getting Totally Revamped!!

I haven't been blogging much lately because I have been so busy working on revamping my entire shop with a new look! I have so many new items ready to be listed, I can't wait!!

Things I'm doing to revamp my shop are; taking new and much better photos of all my work using colorful backgrounds and changing my banner one final time (I hope!) to match my backgrounds! I'm trying to get away from the dark and dull background that I've been using for doesn't suit my personality at all!

I want to wait to list my new items until I get all my backgrounds changed, but it has been a very slow process. It has been raining here for the last month and suppose to rain all this week too...which is not very good picture taking weather! Although I don't think I will be able to wait much longer, so I will probably be listing my new items within the week whether I have all my pics retaken or not.

Here is a little sneak peek of the banner I've been working on and the new style of background I'm going with...I'm hoping this change is going to bring life back to my shop and be more happy and welcoming!

Here is the new banner...not sure if it will be the final one I use...

And here is the sneak peek of the goodies I've been working on...

I also figured out how to make my very own stylish watermark using Gimp!

Hope you enjoy the sneak peek and remember to keep an eye on my shop, or you just might miss out on that special gift when I start listing! :D

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