Monday, June 14, 2010

Works In Progress...-NEW Bracelets!!

I've been keeping myself busy for the last couple of weeks with a bunch of beading projects that turned into beautiful bracelets, earrings and some charms too! Since I have been so preoccupied by my originally planned to start on some cards this weekend and join in on some fun challenges to give my paper supplies and Cuttlebug some attention too! Well my plans changed when I received the lovely gemstone beads in the mail that I just recently traded for with a fellow Etsian! I don't know about my fellow jewelry makers, but when I get new beads I absolutely have to do something with them or I can't rest until I have a plan for!

I got some beautiful Pink Moonstone and Russian Serpentine rounds...they are a bit smaller than I thought they were going to be, so it took me awhile to figure out what I wanted to use them for. Then I remembered that I had been wanting to make cute fringe bracelets with this thin soldered chain I got awhile back and knew the small rounds would be perfect for a petite fringe bracelet!

So instead of making cards this week I decided to make my fringe bracelets instead which took up alot of my time. I think each bracelet eventually ended up taking me about 4-5 hours a piece to make, because I love the look of completed and secured wire wrapped beads...and since the chain was soldered I had to wrap each one of the little beads to the links. I also added some Swarovski crystals to give them a little bit of sparkle!

I'm thinking of calling this one with the Pink Moonstone beads and Vintage Rose Swarovski crystals "Bubblegum Fringe"...

And here is the other one with the Russian Serpentine beads...I hadn't yet finished this one when Hubby snapped the pictures...he thought it was a good idea for me to start showing my work. I also added a little more sparkle to this one with Smoky Quartz Czech glass crystals and Swarovski crystals.

I will most likely call this one "Serpentine Fringe"...

I haven't taken the final pictures for these yet, so I will probably have these listed for sale in the shop by the end of the week! I'm thinking of making some matching earrings to go along with them too...remember to keep an eye out, so you don't miss them! 

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