Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Introducing My Mini Gift Card Boxed Sets!

So I have been wanting to make boxed sets of my cards for a long time to put in my Etsy shop. I actually did at one point, but it took so much time and so much of my supplies that in the end what I sold them for wasn't worth my time...unless you're making them as a gift to a family member. But I absolutely love making mini note cards, not only because they are so stinkin' cute but because I can basically use my paper scraps to make them and they don't take very long at all to make entire sets of them! And everyone loves to have little note cards on hand, because they can be used for just about anything from sending little notes to your child's teacher, putting them in a loved ones lunch box or briefcase, attaching them to gifts or even sending them along in a package to a customer! I thought why not make little gift sets with boxes and the envelopes included...So I did!

Here are the first couple of sets I made and they turned out so adorable...

For these sets I broke out my Cuttlebug and used some beautiful embossing folders for the background and some border punches! I just love the way the colors look against the Kraft cardstock bases!

For these gorgeous sets here I used the seashell stamp that my 8 year old bought me for my birthday this year. I wasn't sure what I was going to use the stamp on since it was kinda small, but it worked out perfectly for these mini cards! And I used my metallic inks to stamp the image to blend in with the beautiful metallic cardstock!

You should have seen his face light up when he seen that I had used the stamp he got me! :D

Anyways, if you are loving these as much I as I do then you can be taken directly to my shop to purchase them by clicking on the pics! Thanks for looking! :D


  1. Oh Tracey you have been busy! Have you been up all night again?! :-) These are gorgeous!
    Linds x

  2. Wow - what fabulous cards - a great gift idea!

  3. These are gorgeous!!! Go take a peek on my blog..there's a SURPRISE there for you!!!!! ;-)


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