Saturday, September 4, 2010

Busy week with NEW Jewelry Designs!!

So last week I wasn't able to work on anything including cards! It was so hot...I think the temp got up to around 98 with really high humidity! And we don't have air conditioning so my craft room was so unbreathably hot that I wasn't able to get in there. But thankfully we got some rain this week that cooled the weather down a bit. I so can't wait for!!

So anyways...once I was able to start working on things I got right to work on some new bracelets and earrings that I had ideas for before I forgot what I wanted to

I always lay out the beads and colors I want to use for the bracelet I'm going to work on to get an idea of how it will look and apporximentaly how many beads I will need...

A couple months ago the local bead shop that I go to was having a major sale on their chinese Hubs let me get some in every color! I love implementing sparkle into all my designs, so I couldn't wait to play with them!!

For these bracelets I wanted a little bit of a sparkly tassle look...

 Here are the bracelets partly finished and yes that is my organized chaos in the background lol!

 And I've been trying to show my work lately so here are some pics of the tassels getting wrapped onto the bracelet and the wrapping of the bracelet foundation...

I went a little overboard with this design and made a few of these bracelets in different colors and different finishes including antiqued brass!

But I not only worked on bracelets this week but some new delightful floral earrings...yes some NEW earrings with a floral theme! I can't get enough of czech glass beads in floral shapes!!

I made these in a few different colors too and all have been topped off with Swarovski crystals!

Along with the bracelets seen up top I have also worked on some new triple strand you will have to wait to see them in the shop! I hope you enjoyed the little sneak peeks of what's to come! And hopefully I will be able to get the final pics for these done within the next couple of days and added to the shop by next week!!

Thanks for looking! :D

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