Sunday, December 19, 2010

Oh Christmas Tree!

Can you believe there is only 6 days left till Christmas?!! Christmas snuck up fast on me this year! I haven't even had time to finish all our Christmas shopping yet!

Anyways we finally got around to setting up the Christmas tree and we let the boys do the whole thing themselves! We decided to go with a blue, silver and white palette this time instead of traditional colors.

Sadly some of the pics didn't turn out as I had taken them with my broken camera...I was still trying to deny at this point that is was

Setting up the tree...

Daddy spraying the tree with snow...which wasn't such a bright It took forever for it to dry!

Decorating the tree...and I just love when they get along and actually help each other!

Daddy helping our littlest one with the star...

 Happy Holidays!!

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