Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Happy WOYWW #84! What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday?

Happy WOYWW everyone! I actually managed to make it through a little over 1/2 the list last week and let me tell ya that is alot of peeking and reading! Not only do I love sneaking some peeks of everyone's workdesk, I like to know what's going on on the desk as well....I also like getting storage ideas! Sorry if I didn't make it to everyone last week, but I will sure try again this week!

So what's on my workdesk this Wednesday?...a little bit of everything! 
As you can see I got a package today! And just in time too from "The Tape Depot", because I was almost out of tape for my AGT gun. I also have a bunch of clear stamps that need some cleaning...I think it's an accumulation of 2 weeks worth of stamping! I know I'm so bad...I really need to get into a routine of cleaning them once I'm done. Along with the stamps I have paper scraps and little remnants left over from the recent card challenge I was working on everywhere, including the floor...which I will not be! Oh and to everyone who asked me last week if I was able to ever get the sparkly embossing powder cleaned up...sorta. Even after vacuuming the desk and the floor with the hose, I'm still finding it everywhere! Now every time I walk out of my craft room...I'm leaving little glitter! That stuff really sticks!

In the last couple of weeks, that I have been joining in on WOYWW...I have gotten alot of storage ideas by looking at everyone's lovely spaces! Well mine may not be as pretty as some, but hubs found these cheap racks for me at Walmart to hold my borders punches on! Now they are not only easier to get at, but displayed so that I can see what they are...before they were just piled in a box.

And over on my other desk is a little more of the spillage from the last project. You can see that project sitting  there finished and freshly pictured yesterday. I haven't been using my photo box to take pics anymore, because for some reason the pics are turning out better without it.

Since I'm sharing all areas of my workspace...I saved the best for last! 
My little one wanted to say hi too! While I was taking pics of my desk, I seen him peeking through my sewing machine behind me...he wanted to see what Mommy was up to! Behind that little grin of his, he was hiding that he was playing with my pencils. He's so adorable when he's being sneaky...although I will never tell him
Anyways, sorry for the super long post...I guess WOYWW brings the chatty side out of me!! :D

Want to join in on WOYWW or see what it's all about, then hop on over to Julia's Stamping Ground to catch some peeks into the worlds of your everyday crafters!


  1. Love the picture of your little one peeking - he is adorable. You have some great storage there - but I am still blown away by your header - you do some fab jewellery. 134

  2. Well I'm happy to read your chat - especially when you finish with such a cutie to say hi! Glad that WOYWW is proving fun and practical..I have benefitted no end from storage ideas - you have some really great punches there. I like everything to be out - because stash out of sight is stash out of mind!

  3. How do you get your knees under your desk??
    LOVE Martha S punches!

  4. Hi Tracey,

    Awesome workspace! Love that punch storage system you have there. Gonna have to go to Wally World and check it

    Thanks so much for the peek and sharing. Hugs, Marjo #22. Happy WOYWW

  5. I'm always hunting for storage idea's too! what I need more is shelves to put the storage things on! I've got all my punches, well most of them in plastic see thro boxes, it would be nice to be able to have a few more just 'hanging' some where!
    ((HappY WOYWW!

  6. What an amazing work space. He is very photogenic!!!
    Sue xx 67

  7. Hi Tracey,
    I’m loving those shelves you have for your border punches. I could do with something like that for mine but I think they may be a little big to sneak back in my suitcase when I visit Denver in a few weeks time………might have to look for something like that here, when I get back!

    And yes, that is a spice rack on my desk. I managed to get two at half price when a new shop was opening locally. They are perfect storage for all my flowers, brads, eyelets and card candy and as an added bonus, they look so pretty sitting in my shelf.


  8. What a cute little face peeking from behind the sewing machine. I am green with envy over all those border punches.
    Tertia 88

  9. What a great work area and that cute little face, how do you get any work done with him around? I would be wanting to cuddle all the time.

    Cathx 115

  10. Lots of lovely crafting goodies on your desk. Great storage for punches.


  11. Very cute photo of your son! I love your shelves above your desk - great organizing idea! Sue #94

  12. Great new shelves for the punches, mine are in a drawer right now, actually three drawers!, but I'd like them on display too. Say hi to your little cutie!!

    Brenda 94

  13. i'm working my way thru the woyww visitors, thanks for visiting my site. it's always great to find another northwestener. i'm really an oregonian but currently moved across the river to vancouver. crazy weather we've been having.

  14. Hello Tracey (fellow night owl),
    Love your array of border punches/stamps. I need to seriously think about getting some of these. Have had a good snoop around your Esty site. What gorgeous jewllery you make. Wish I lived in USA cos I would spend all day in Walmart.Everyone keeps blogging about the wonderful buys they get in there. Must go look at these AGT guns that I keep seeing on there peoples desks.
    Thanks for stopping by my desk.
    Hugs Mrs A. (now in as #93)

  15. Great desk space!!! I do like the picture of your son peeking through the sewing machine!

  16. The photo of your little biy peeking through the sewing machine is super cute! Love all the creativity that is going on here!

  17. Hi Tracey love your messy desk! I too live in Oregon-Ashland. Check out my blog for my Blogoverary giveaway!!!Happy craFTING.

  18. Love the last photo of your little one sneaking - LOL. He looks such a cutie!

    Great storage rack for your punches. I love getting ideas from all the WOYWW desks too!

    Thanks for already stopping by my desk too!

  19. Love those storage racks - ideal for your punches. What a thoughtful hubby you have! The picture of your handsome little boy is brilliant - he looks so full of mischief!! Thanks for visiting - Have a great weekend - Hugs, Sylvia xxxx

  20. WOW so much eye candy! and WOW look at all your punches and WOW to all your desk pictures!! my gosh you have so much crafty stuff hehe and your little boy is so cute what a fab picture.

    Thank you for popping by my workspace and joining my blog was hoping to get that Kenny K image made into a card for the challenge but im spending far to much time blog hopping hehe xx


  21. Love your chatty post and your space - like how you have done your punches - and your little on looks really cheeky - thanks for sharing ~ Nicky 45

  22. this is a lovely interesting desk not sure what the tape is but you obviously love it. i love the card, the stitching must have taken you ages. thanks for peeking at my blog,

  23. Organization is a forever thing for sure! Punches are a bugger to get organized and then to remember what you have! I am thinking of making a "punch" album/key ring type thing to keep on my desk. Maybe then I remember what I had LOL! Looks as if you have the same border punch addiction that I have! Your sneaky little son is darling!

  24. Awesome work space. Lots of fun things to work with.

  25. Love how you organized your son into your workspace! lol Your cards are works of art and I enjoy seeing what you're up to. Until next week...

  26. Your son is so cute peeping near the sewing machine. It would make a fab scrapbook page. I have just started doing the woyww and I have to admit I saw how some crafters had punches and bits out and now I do the same on some shelves, now I don't forget to use them. You have some brill punches I only have a few. Love the card.

  27. It's so hard to try and get round everyone isn't it, I don't know how peeps do it. Look at me, Sunday and I'm still visiting, sorry it's so late.
    Your punches look great in their home, you have them right to hand now and I see you have a little helper too. He's a real cutie. Thanks for your comments, I really appreciate you stopping by.
    Hugs Lisa (114)

  28. Hee! Glad I'm not the only one whose desk ends up covered in pots and scraps and tools! Very creative-looking workspace! :)

    Your little one is the cutest - what an adorable cheeky grin!

    Thanks for sharing and thanks for stopping by my blog and taking the time to comment. :)

    Ali #77

  29. I'm in the market for a sewing machine - do they all come with such cute attachments? Thanks for stopping by my blog - see you Wednesday?


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