Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Happy WOYWW!! What's On My Workdesk this Wednesday?!

So how is everyone doing this week? I'm so happy things have gotten back to normal around my house...decorations put away and kids back to school...a little more quite time for! I want to thank everyone who visited my blog last week and for all your wonderful comments! And I'm so sorry if I didn't get around to visiting all your work spaces...although I tried. It is my goal this week though to try and visit everyone's blogs and sneak some fun peeks! 

So anyways, I actually have some activity happening on my workdesk this week...creativity and mojo literally spilled out on my! Not sure if you can tell from the pic...but while working with the embossing powder, I had a bit of an accident and now my desk is all sparkly!!

Along with the sparkly embossing powder all over my desk I also have the current card I'm working on for this weeks Friday Sketchers challenge. Before completing a card and stitching it up, I always like to see what it's going to look like it's still a work in progress. I was going for sexy and cute, but I just can't seem to get it to look me, right now it's looking a little more tacky than

Oh and looky here...I have some new deliciousness going on...

I recently took a trip to Michael's Craft's and I'm sure you know what happened! I originally just planned to go in and get some adhesive dots, because I was almost out. Well of course they just had to be having a huge store wide clearance sale on the day I just had to get me some more adhesive! Let's just say...craft sales and me get along very!! Just look at that yummy sparkly ribbon and I got them all 75% off!! Most of their clearance ribbon was left over from the holidays...but I did manage to find a bunch that could be used all year round. I actually had to end up putting some back...which I was quite proud of myself for...the dollars sure do add up fast don't they?!

Anyways...over on my other desk has some busyness happening too as you can tell from all the paper scraps. And I was trying to find the perfect border punch to use on the current that's the reason there are a bunch of them scattered around! Oh and over to the right are some previous cards I made some duplicates of because I absolutely love the way they turned they are on my...ummm, drying rack/bead

I hope everyone enjoyed the little peek and until next week...happy creating!!

Want to join in on WOYWW or see what it's all about, then hop on over to Julia's Stamping Ground to catch some peeks into the worlds of your everyday crafters!


  1. Looks like you are getting loads done. I put cards to dry wherever as well..usually on my bed or dresser. #97

  2. Thanks for all the peeks. I'm hoping viewing others' stash will keep me out of Michael's & Joanns for awhile.

  3. Lots of lovely stuff to play with -Have a great week!

  4. I think your card looks lovelly :) and what a fab desk, those ribbons look fantastic. Don't tell me about craft sales, I purposely stayed out of my local craft shop, but it didn't stop me finding the sale stuff on the craft channel on the telly - oh well hehe.

    Suzilou #118

  5. Fab card- I love all your little tower pots on the desk. As for glitter, I have it everywhere all the time!
    Linbyx #109

  6. Oooh, sparkles. Every craft space needs that. Mike's is a great place for sales...Hope I can stay away for a little bit.

  7. Great post, so much going on. Lol, gotta love Mikes, great bargains.

    Brenda 83

  8. There's a lot going on on your card, love the composition!

  9. Oooo, ribbon! Oooo, border punches! Lots of ace stuff to drool over on your desk! I so wish we had Michaels over in the UK, our only nationwide store is really expensive :-(

    Thanks for your lovely comments on my blog; I got a lot of my storage items from Ikea. The rail & cups are from there (in their kitchen department); I think they are called Bygel (or some odd Swedish name like that).

    You should check out the tiny craft space my friend Poppit has:

    Now that is small!


  10. I wish we had a Michael's in the UK!
    Enjoy your new goodies!
    Chrissie #3

  11. Thanks for visiting my cupboard. I advocate perfectly formed crafting spaces for all, no matter how small!! And ikea is perfect for storage solutions. Your glitter disaster made me smile- happens to me ALL the time (I don't have a fancy tray like you!). Lucky you with your ribbons! Lovely! Happy crafting :-)

  12. Oh, for a Michael's in South Africa. I think my DH would have a heart attack if we actually did get one in the end. LOL I love sparkly things, nothing is quite finished without a bit of bling. Some lovely things you got going on there, thanks for letting us peek.
    Tertia 122

  13. Would that be an empty box or is the desk organiser still in there? Made me chuckle! Your ribbon haul is amazing, and yes Tracey, putting stuff back is an amazing display of willpower, your are a strong big girl crafter!!

  14. Am in the States next week so off to Michaels at every opportunity. Thanks for sharing your (ahem) "glittery" desk - great stuff on it.

  15. a sparkly desk! wow, that sounds good! and the ribbons are great, specially cuz they were on sale! don't you just love those 75% off sales?

  16. You got some real bargains. Sadly we don't have a Michaels over here, it is a shame because I have heard so many good things about them.

    I love the way you have organised your brads in towers, mine are just in a small box!
    Sue xx 50

  17. Ohooo loads of lovely things on your desk, can I come and move in!?! Every one seem to have a Die cutter thingy these days, Every time I see one on the Telly, they seem to go wrong~quick cut to an ad and when they come back, all's well!! Have a HAPPY WOYWW!! (sorry I'm sooo late!)
    Happy New Year!

  18. Thanks for the peek.

    My favourite trick with the embossing powder is to pour it back into the wrong tub. Ruined my white powder that way !


  19. The desk looks creately messy. Sooo many ribbons. I think the card is quite nice myself. My fav colors. #95

  20. Looks like a very busy and creative desk. Love the ribbon, we don't have a 'Micheals' in Australia, we have a great variety, but often pricey. Love your cards, and good luck with the DT position, hope you get it.
    Blessings Hilde

  21. Yummy and creative workspace. Love it. Thanks for the peek and sharing. Hugs, Marjo #23

  22. Oooh what a lovely pile of new ribbons! great creative desk you have there too - thanks for commenting on my blog - the instructions for the circular squash book I have made are here:
    if you fancy having a go!

  23. Oooh, so much lovely stash all over the place! I could play here for days and days! Yes, Michael's, you go in for "one thing" and come out with a huge bag, lol!
    I really like the card you are working on and don't think it looks tacky at all, it is fun!
    xoxo Karen

  24. I hit the New Year's day sales at Michael's, too. I didn't see any ribbon at my store, but you got a good bargain, AND had lots of willpower. You rock for putting some back!

    I'm glad you explained about the black things being border punches. I was going to ask. I WILL ask if you ever got that EP off your desk, out from under your mat, off the floor, etc? That stuff multiplies all on its own!

    Happy belated WOYWW.

  25. I love sales but they're awful on the budget! I love glitter on my desk, fingers, everywhere- it makes me happy!
    Patsy from


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