Friday, January 7, 2011

I Was In The Top 3!!

Just a quick little post that I totally forgot to add the other day. Although I don't see how I forgot to share it, because I was thrilled to learn about it!!

Last week I submitted one of my cards to Sweet Sketch Wednesday Challenge and I made the top 3!! Probably not the most exciting news for some, but it sure made my day! Things like this inspire me and motivate me to keep creating!!

Here is my adorable little badge that I'm happy to display beside my blog!

Here is the card that was submitted...
Now just like the little badge says..."Why don't you bug on over and play along!"


  1. That's such a cute card Tracey! Congrats on making it in to top 3!

  2. Really a cute card. I can understand that you made top 3. A huge congrats. I actually think that the top 3`s are a greater acknowledgement. I`d rather get a top 3 because then i know that i won it because of my abilities and not out of random luck. Of course i woudn`t mind to get some goodies along with that,hehe, but sadly it doesn`t work that way. I also want to thank you for your sweet comment on my card. It really means a lot to me. That chrystal stuff on my card is some buttons i collected off an old fancy jacket i used to own. There was a whole bunch of them on it. Have a nice weekend. Hugs...Mona

  3. What a lovely card. Congrats.
    A x


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