Saturday, January 15, 2011

Not A Card to Today...A Project For a Friend!

I guess I lost my mojo a bit as I just realized it has been since Wednesday when I last posted. I told myself that I not only need and want to stay on top of my Etsy shop this year, but my blog too! I don't want to call it a New Year's Resolution...because we all know how those turn

Anyways just to show you all that my mojo didn't completely fly out the window...I have been busy these past couple of days. I had been working on sprucing up a friends blog. Although a wonderful photographer, she admittedly does not have the patience for all the website As we all would rather be crafting most days...she would rather be out snapping pics then having to worry about the technical and promo side of her business. And she knows I absolutely love being creative and more than her, I have the patience to make her blog look pretty!

And I just completed it for her yesterday and I think I'm quite proud of it! Makes me start thinking I should maybe get into designing websites...but then I take a step back and hubs reminds me I already have enough hobbies that there isn't enough time in the world for without adding another one to the

Here is the header I created for her blog...

Since she is a photographer, she wanted some of her photos displayed somehow in her header and her logo done up. And since she's a proud Texan, she wanted a rustic kinda look and definitely had to have a star in there somewhere! I also created a background, post signature and sidebar labels to match! If anyone wants to see the rest and her gorgeous work too, you can check out her blog here!

My friend the photographer!

If anyone lives in the Austin/Spring Texas area and needs an awesome photographer who's rates are very reasonable I might can contact her directly through her blog! She does all kinds of portraits from weddings, self portraits, family, birthdays, recitals and more!

That's all for today...I hope to be back with a card or even possibly a beading project to share tomorrow!

Thanks for looking!

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