Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Happy WOYWW!! What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday #91?

Happy WOYWW everyone and good morning! Wow last week sure did fly right on by! I didn't even get a chance to visit half of the list but I thank everyone who did find the time to visit me last week, I truly enjoy all your comments!

A little bit of news before I share my desk today. It's official...we finally found our new rental and will be moving this weekend!! I'm super excited but at the same time, really stressed cause I hate packing and I wish we were rich enough to hire movers, that would be nice! So is the last time I will be showing you my desk from my cramped craft space in my room!

When I snapped the pic this morning...I was still working on a DT it's! Oh and I'm excited to tell you about my new glue gun!! Hubs finally found me a rechargeable hot glue cord needed and no batteries!! Isn't that awesome?! And I'm in love with it! I always have such a hard time working with the tacky glue and getting heavy embellishments to stick and now I no longer have to struggle with it! By the way...everyone was asking me about my "Rock-a-Blocks" last week. Well they are blocks made of plastic that have ridges on each side kinda like a rocking chair. They are like acrylic blocks and are to be used with your clear stamps. But unlike the clear stamps...the "Rock-a-blocks" help leave a perfect stamped impression every time. And they come in several different sizes! If you like to use clear stamps, these are a must! I got mine from "Papertrey Ink" here...

Well I have lots more packing to get back to. So hopefully by this time next week I will be posting from my new craft space!!

Happy crafting all! :D


  1. HI I AM KRISTIE!!(waving)
    I just found you..
    rock a blocks huh?? sounds interesting! Love that hot glue gun!I have one that you can remove the cord and it stays hot for up to one hour, so it is very handy! especially when you are working on larger projects, the cord is so annoying! anyways good luck with the move, come by and see me,, I am a new follower.

  2. wow a new craft area to create thats gonna be fun for sure, and good hubbie finding you the perfect tool.. siobhan 134

  3. Are rocking blocks making a comeback? I did got around to trying them.

  4. LOL, good luck with all the moving. Thanks for all the great info. Might have to try the cordless glue gun myself.

    Thanks for the peek and sharing. Have a great WOYWW.

    Hugs, Marjo #5

  5. Good luck with your move - how exciting! I look forward to seeing your new craft space next time!

    Sherry (118)

  6. Those rock a blocks look very interesting and glad to hear about the glue gun. I was wondering what thoughts were on that. Thanks for the peek!

  7. how exciting (and tiring) to move to a new home. do you have a bigger work space? your new glue gun sounds wonderful.

  8. Well you'llhave moved by now - I hope it went really smoothly and wish you happiness in your new home. As for rocker blocks - agh....I loathe them!
    Viva la difference!


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