Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Happy WOYWW #98! What's on your workdesk Wednesday?

Happy WOYWW everyone! 
I can't believe it's Wednesday already...I feel like I didn't get anything accomplished this week and my mojo has been at an all time low...hoping that will change soon! I want to thank everyone who commented on my post last week and if I didn't make it to your desk, I'm sorry...I did actually manage to make it through half the list this time! And to answer the question from last week..."Did I write on my wall?" of course was a play with

Ok anyways, now onto this week! Be warned...if you are scared off by messy desks, look away now! :D~

Believe it or not the card that is in progress on my desk is one I have been working on for the last few days now...those creative juices are just not wanting to It's an Easter card and the image I'm using is from "Prairie Fairy Designs"'s the cutest bunny I've ever had a chance to play with!

I thought to crop out the messy floor at first then though nah...the desk is already a mess, so why crop that part

And the mess is growing off to the side too!

I'm determined to finish this card today and kinda have to cause I have other DT cards to work on too will have to make this post short.

Don't forget...I have some yummy candy up for grabs that ends on May 8th!

Also I have some adorable freebie sentiments up for grabs HERE!

Want to join in on WOYWW or see what it's all about, then hop on over to Julia's Stamping Ground to catch some peeks into the worlds of your everyday crafters!



  1. O My...I could play at your desk for hours! Great Space Tracey!

  2. Your main desk is just crafty not too messy :)
    I hope your mojo makes it back from his holiday soon, lol! I think mine may have gone with yours, I hope they are having a good time, lol!
    Happy WOYWW!
    xoxo Karen #43

  3. OK, I love the messiness, I love that you sew and paper, that's really cool, I love that you didn't crop out anything from the pics...but please Miss Tracey - where do you put your knees when you sit down?!!
    The PiF thing for WOYWW is explained in a post - if you go back to today's WOYWW post, there's a link to it in the first couple of lines of drivel.

  4. well I would feel right at home at your desk, mine is no tidier! I must admit that there is a whole lot of stuff under my desk too, maybe that should be the next weeks thing...whats UNDER your desk Wednesday! ROFL?

  5. You obviously stand when you craft because unless you've got stick legs there is no room for you to sit.
    Your desk looks really lovely creative and messy. Have fun!
    Rebecca x (44)

  6. I think your desk looks like a crafty mess with lots of fun things to play with it is hard to keep them all lined up! Thanks for sharing. Vickie #28

  7. My mess tends to spread around the room too! I put pics of mine up also. Thanks for sharing. Hope your mojo visits you today!
    Chrissy #93

  8. Great mess and I'd won up to it any day! I love mess over tidy as there's always something going on.
    Thanks for owning it!
    joZarty x

  9. oh I want to come and play...I was here...but you know what blogger can be like.. thank you for the lovely snoop! happy Easter!
    Happy late WOYWW



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