Saturday, April 9, 2011

I've Been Awarded Again!!!

I recently got another wonderful blog award from a couple talented fellow bloggers and didn't get a chance to do my part and pay it forward by passing it on till now.

I recieved this blog award from both Lindsay and Jeannie and I want to give them a big thanks!

Now for the rules of receiving this award are to nominate 15 fellow bloggers and to share 7 things about myself, as well as thank the sender.

Here are the 15 fellow bloggers I would like to share this award with who are all so very talented and who I look to for inspiration and motivation on a daily basis or who deserve a visit! These are all ladies whom I follow and have found through card challenges!
5. Anne
8. Amy
10. Kylie
11. Kim
12. Jacque
14. Nixe
15. Tori

And for the 7 truly random thing about myself... 

1. My favorite color is purple
2. I love sparkly and shiny things
3. Some of my favorite things other than my Diet Pepsi and Reese's are; fairies, gnomes, flowers, elephants and kittens
4. I love to read whenever I get a chance and my favorite authors are; V.C. Andrews, Jude Deveraux and Karen Robards
5. I can't get enough of TV show dramas like; Big Love, Desperate Housewives and United States of Tara
6. I'm a very very light sleeper and am good and raring to go with just 4 hours of sleep
7. When not in the craft room, I'm highly addicted to Facebook games and POGO!

Thanks again to the senders and please make sure to stop by all the wonderful blogs mentioned above!
Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. Purple is MY FAVE too!!!
    This is an adorable card! The image is so sweet!


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