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Hello!! MIA No More! A Non-Crafty Candid Me Post!

Hello all my crafty bloggy friends! 
Did you miss me?....I missed me (well the creative, crafty mojo side of me!) LOL! And I definitely know, I sure missed all of YOU!

I guess I should start off by saying this isn't going to be one of my normal, static, crafty posts...that will come later, no worries. So keeping that in mind, if you're only interested in my crafty goodies or digi wordart, (that is completely fine because after all that's what my blog is usually about and I appreciate all of you!) today's post will be different. But if you would like to continue reading, you might as well grab another cuppa

I know I'm Facebook buddies with many of you all know how and where I've been.

But for those who aren't on my Facebook and don't know, I've been taking an extended crafty break, spending more time and just enjoying my family. I know I left you all off with me saying I wanted to start scrapping more, and getting into more digital stuff...well, yeah...that never really happened. I sat down many times wanting to scrap some of the awesome pics I was taking on a daily basis having fun with my kiddos...but realized I would rather just be spending more time with them, lol. So instead of sharing those pretty awesome "would-be" scrap layouts...I'll just share some pics instead......

This was most recently taken on Easter day and they were definitely mugging for the shot! lol!

We recently signed our boys up for the Boy Scouts not only because I think it will teach them great life skills, but they've been having trouble making friends since we moved to the new house we're in. Plus, my oldest has a social learning disability and the scouts were suggested to us to help him with that. It has already been a good learning experience for them both and they are having so much fun with it too!

The oldest is going onto the boys scouts, but in this pic he was still in cub scouts. This was actually their first we weren't sure how they were suppose to wear their neckerchiefs yet, lol.

Drake getting his Bobcat badge...

Preston, my oldest has volunteered for so many things to help out including the recent "MS Walk 2013" of which we are so proud of him for! Him and his troops helped raise over 25K I was told.

He was exhausted when he got home, lol!

Our youngest little guy, Aiden will be able to sign up this summer for tiger scouts, yay!

Also, since the beginning of the year I decided to start taking better care of myself, mentally and most of all physically. Probably some of you can relate, maybe not? I've been overweight most of my life and I decided it was just time to get this weight off, not only for myself and my back problems, but for my kids and husband too. So I started on a healthy kick to a new healthier me by eating better, drinking more water, exercising etc.

We live by a beautiful preserved wetland area, so I've been taking advantage of that and going on long walks with my littlest munchkin. He's in kindergarten and only goes 1/2 day, so it's been nice to be able to do this with him in the mornings!

Yes, he had found himself some little furry friends!

And of course I let him bring the little fellas home...only if for a bit!

And scooter rides are always included!

And since I'm being candid here, I was diagnosed with bipolar at an early age among other emotional disorders, which has been a mental battle that I have dealt with for a long time...part of the reason I craft to keep myself somewhat sane I guess. After five years of not seeking out a new physician because of relocating for hubs job, I have finally mustered up the courage and got myself back on track not only physically but emotionally too! I don't think anyone but my family knows about my disorder and only a couple of my closest friends and now you all. *Waiving my little flag here...don't be frightened, I'm still me....and for those that know me personally, light bulbs are probably going!

I'm usually a pretty private person, only sharing few things here and there of myself and family. I have been back and forth wondering whether I should even post this or not? I figured since I'm determined to change myself not only on the outside but on the inside too and for good...being more honest and open with myself and about myself will be therapeutic in the long run and hopefully make me a better blogger too.

Now back to the physical aspect of a "new" me...I was and am doing really good. I had a slight set back when my grandma passed away in March, which is still pretty hard for me and I'm still not all too comfortable talking about it. But, I've lost a total of 35lbs since January! I have much, much more to go...but I gotta start somewhere and to me that is a great start! I was planning on showing before and after pics to keep me motivated...but I have never really been comfortable taking pics and realized I don't really have "before" pics of me to share, lol. So I guess I will just have to start sharing the recent pics I actually do have of me.

As I mentioned, my grandma passed away recently and these next few pics are some taken when I went to Kansas to be with family and attend her wake. She didn't want us to be sad about her passing, cause she was never one to have people fuss over her. Instead she wanted us to celebrate her life and so we did!

I will start with my fav pic of my grandma and me!
This was taken in 2000...think I was 18? I do miss her so much! :)

This is all of us who were mom, aunts and even cousins...I'm in the back with the black and white of my aunts to the right was trying to photo bomb me with bunny ears, but instead managed to pull my hair out! lol

And here are my boys with their cousins they met for the first time!

You can tell that we were definitely not letting this day bring us down! Exactly the way my grandma would have wanted it! :)

This is me and my aunt Peggy, she traveled with me...she being the only family I have that still lives close here in Oregon. I couldn't have made the trip without her!

It snowed pretty heavily when we were there...we don't get much snow at all in Oregon, nothing that sticks anyways, so it was kinda nice. I grew up originally in Colorado, but hadn't been back since I was around 8, so the snow was great as long as we didn't have to drive in it...will get to that later lol!

The boys definitely had a ball, that's for sure!

And the day we left....This is my mom, with me and my boys...

We drove all the way there from Oregon to Kansas...not something I will ever do again having done it...very, very long trip with really bad weather included!
Here are some pics we took along the road...

We took pics all through Nevada, Utah, Colorado and Wyoming but only a few turned out...

Meet our little moose fella...this was taken when we were coming into Colorado and all this snow falling should have gave us a sign that there would be trouble ahead! Remember I mentioned driving in the snow?!

This was taken right before we went up the mountain on I-70 heading towards the Eisenhower Tunnel...yeah we never made it! We only found out later after a $270 tow off the mountain that they had closes the mountain 15 minutes after we already started heading up the darn thing and we got stuck in a snow blizzard!

They never turned the hazard light on fast enough to let us know, we may need chains before heading up!

This is the rental car we traveled in, a Hybrid Toyota was amazing on gas, but if you have to drive through any kind of hazardous weather, including rain, forget it! We learned the hard way obviously with our pocket books! And the tow only cost us $270, cause the tow truck driver was a nice guy and let me sign up with an emergency AAA road side service. But we also had to get a hotel room that night...and he didn't take us to the cheapest place, lol!

This was taken on the way back home in Limon, CO...they just couldn't help themselves lol!

We also got stuck right in the middle of a cattle drive in Wyoming on the way about scary!! We were all so frightened we were going to get trampled in the car that we all forgot to snap a pic until the very last cows and bulls (Yes bulls!, Big bulls!) were passing!

I know, I know you're saying enough pictures already! I probably would have shared more...but I think you were saved sadly by my laptops malfunctioning hard drive earlier this year...yes I lost LOADS of my pics. So devastating as you can imagine! I usually back everything up onto discs, but it just happened around a time that I hadn't done a back-up in awhile unfortunately. One good thing....right before that happened, I had backed up all my digi stamps!! So anyhoo...I'm done for now, I promise lol!

And now you're wondering...okay...where is the crafty side? Well I do have some projects in the works and actually have one completed already, as well as some new digi sentiments to share within the next few weeks!! I'm going to share them in separate posts though...for obvious reasons lol! So no worries...I have been back in the craft room!

Now that this long awaited post that has been on my mind to write for the last couple months is out of the way, I can't wait to start blogging again and share crafty inspiration with you all! It really does feel good to be able to inspire someone in their craft as well as be inspired myself and by that I mean....I'm definitely on my way and excited to visit all you again too!! I just hope I didn't scare all of you today with my very candid post and if I did, I'm sorry in advance and oops on me cause once I hit the publish button, I guess there's no turning back for me, lol!

Until next time,
Happy crafting to all!
Big Big


  1. you are so very brave to post what you have here on your blog. to be so open about such private things isn't easy by any means. I am so proud of you!

    you would be amazed at how many people struggle with some thing or another. depression runs in my family and I have had my fair share of it.

    You are taking so many positive steps. keep up the fantastic work! you have every reason to feel so proud of yourself. :)

    and I loved looking at all of the photos, too! :)

  2. Great pictures Tracey and my English isn't that good but I do understand everything and I agree with Jennifer!
    Sending big XXX your way

  3. Hello Tracey.
    I think you are so brave to open up and talk about your problems. It sounds like you have been through so much. I really admire your attitude and the positive steps you are taking

    Thank you for sharing your wonderful photographs.

    Take care
    Sue xx

  4. Hi Tracey,

    So glad you are back blogging again. It's been awhile and we missed you.

    Loved all your photos, living in the UK it's hard for me to imagine the drive you had to do. They look like long distances on a map though.

    Well done for sharing, I know it can be a very a hard thing to do and have done so myself on my own blog. However I think you will find that a lot of us have some experience with these dark times one way or another. I personally feel that maybe it is that sensitivity that makes us crafty or artistic. For me creating beauty through craft in it's many forms actually saved me from some of the darkest times in my life.

    I am sure there is no one who will think anything less of you for sharing, more fool them if they do! I have talked before on my blog about the stigma that is attached to depression and mental issues and it takes great bravery to step out of the darkness, hold your head up high and be proud of who you are.

    I for one will be fighting in your corner and applaud you for your openness and frank honesty.

    Keep up with the positivity and your hard work.

    Love and best wishes

    Mandy xxx

  5. Tracey I agree with everyone else. I am just so glad that you are blogging again and we can hear from you. You have been so missed...You are such a wonderful inspiration. God Bless You....joann sassy raggedy

  6. Hey hunny, it's so good to have you back with us :)
    I originally popped over to leave you a DT comm but had to come and have a catch up while I was here, and boy what a catch up.
    Tracey firstly I am so sorry to learn of your loss, life can be so cruel.
    Secondly well done on your weight loss :)If your lovely, honest post from the heart scares anyone away they aren't worthy of visiting your beautiful blog so aren't worth a second thought. That said I am sure it won't scare anyone away, so many crafters are battling their own difficulties and demons, and being bipolar and having emotional difficulties is absolutely nothing to be ashamed of or embarrassed about. We are all unique individuals and your post is inspiring. I personally love it when other bloggers share parts of their life on their blogs, the good or the bad, & it always amazes me the support other bloggers / friends give to each other
    You hold your head high girlie and be proud of the person you are. You've created such beautiful children who I am sure you are a wonderful role model too and at the end of the day they're the most important things in your life
    big hugs
    Mandy xx

  7. Tracey, you're so very brave to open up and share your story with us. Thank you for that. Writing is therapeutic, at least it is for me so I sure hope it is for you. Best of luck with all of your goals and I'm sending you a big hug. Peace, Jenn


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Big, big hugs! Tracey :D

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